20 Powerful Quotes From SHEKINAH With Apostle Philip Cephas In Lafia Nasarawa State

20 power packed life changing Quotes from Apostle Philip Cephas.

Here are inspirational, spirit fill and life transforming quotes compiled from Apostle Philip Cephas powerful sermons.

1. A man God helped is always better than a man that helped himself.

2. You would never have a better friend like the one who would point you to Jesus Christ.

3. If you must waste your time doing anything, waste it praying.

4. Your growth spiritually is the function of your personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.

5. You would be a fool to underestimate a praying mother.

6. Men that cry in the place of prayer never cry before men.

7. Your prayer life is an asset, fight to keep it. There is a reason the devil is after it

8. Your life is not over yet until the Lord say so.

9. As you pray, ensure you are guided daily by the Holy Spirit.

10. The only way man can obey God is through the protocol of the supply of the grace of God.

11. Lack of direction kills a vision faster than prayerlessness.

12.  No matter how wise a son thinks he is, a father always have an experience to tell him about. RESPECT FATHERS.

13. Man was never designed to survive by carnal means, but by Gods supply.

14. Your level of death determines your level of life in God.

15. The more you enlarge your capacity, the more of God you’ll be able to carry.

16. The exchange of life is done upon the foundation of sacrifice.

17. If you have not attended schools in the spirit, you may never understand and manifest deep spiritual realities in the physical.

18. Our last line of defense has been broken, we need to be restored and our strength renewed again so that we may hold right the balance.

19. The journey of every believer begins in faith and through faith, all other things are by products of faith.

20. Encounters in God are organic.

Apostle Philip Cephas  is  a  seasoned  apostolic  and  prophetic teacher of the gospel of Truth. He  is  a  man  of  love,  wisdom, revelation  and  prayer.  He  is  centered  on  effective balancing  of  Kingdom  principles,  doctrine  and  revelations to  equip  the  Body  of  Christ  apostolically  and  prophetically into  its  full  manifestation  of  Christ.  His  love  for  the  Body  of Christ  is  endless.  This  drive  has  led  him  to  evangelize  and conduct  outreach  programs in  different  cities  and  villages  so as  to  reach  the  lost  souls  and  administer  the  gospel  of  Christ within  those  environments.  He  is  interested  in  raising  and mentoring  youths and adults in  prayer,  leadership,  influence, Relationship, Anointing and  investment.  He  is  also  a  prolific  writer.  He  has  authored many  books  such  as  The  prophetic  and  Vision,  Pathway  to The  Anointing, The vision of a great people, Roadmap  for  a  Weary  Sojourner  and  many others.  He  has  been  instrumental  in  the  revival  movement within  Nigeria.  He is  resident  in  Lafia,  Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

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I Am Philip Cephas, I Belong To God, I Represent An Eternal System, I Am Guilty Of Prayer, I Am A Man Who God Has Helped And He Is Still Helping.

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A man God helped is always better than a man that helped himself.
_ Apostle Philip Cephas

God blessings
May God help us all
Much Love
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