A Lesson From The Life Of Timothy By Apostle Philip Cephas

A Lesson From The Life Of Timothy ||Apostle Philip Cephas

Timothy was not a Prayerless Christian Timothy was a young man on fire. Paul found him as a man of prayer and fire.

Even though Paul had to remind him to pray. Because you prayed today doesn’t guarantee that you will pray tomorrow.  Prayer should be done intentionally everyday.

The Culture of prayer happens to be something that require consistency. You will need to pray and remain praying always.

Everyone that have brought revival And result in the body of Christ is a man of prayer.

Prayer is the Foundation that guarantee Stregnth.

Prayer is the  fabrication of reality.

Prayer is what brings manifestion.

Prayer is the channel of security for the beliver.

Prayer is one of the keys of the kingdom that holds other keys.

Prayer employs God to our circumstance.

Prayer makes you switch from the natural into the supernatural. For this you need to maintain constant prayer.

Prayer is our lifestyle it is our culture it’s what have been past to us. The culture of prayer have been lost in the Church and that’s We are restoring.

Prayer brings the realm of reality. We need the promises of God to become flesh. The Protocol that makes promises become flesh is prayer.

Prayer solidify your conviction because prayer guarantee encounters and encounters brings revelation and revelation solidify your conviction.

Add anything to prayer it will bring result. Prayer brings idea’s and plans.

Prayer activates the believer. Prayer brings man into functionality in the kingdom by bringing activation. That’s why when you pray more you hear God clearly you see clearly because prayer activates belivers.
1 Timothy:2:-3

Much love
May God help us all
_ Apostle Philip Cephas

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