Birthday Appreciation From Apostle Philip Cephas

From the bottomless portfolio of my humble merry heart, i want to appreciate every respected individual for sharing in the joy of this Splendiferous season of yuletide as well as my birthday with me.
To my family, siblings, and relatives who has been my strongest backbone, support and strength.
Thanks so much to the entire SBI and Shekinah lafia family.
To all my fathers and mentors,
I say a big thank you, for inputting, imparting, and contributing enormously into making me who I am and who am becoming daily, I don’t take any of your counsel, advice and wisdom lightly.
It is a great prerogative having you all as fathers, mentors and maybe friends.
To my numerous covenant brothers, sisters and friends, I say a big thank you. You all made my day, I appreciate your gifts and sacrifices of love.
To all my well wishers, I truly appreciate your love and concerned, you all really made me smile, cry and laugh.
I Love you all
Thanks a million
Much Love
_ Apostle Philip Cephas
Shekinah Network International
#ShekinahLafia #SNI #Lafia
#25December2021 #birthday
#cake #birthdaycake #happybirthday
P.S. For those that want the cake, let’s meet at the mountain top prayer retreat

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