Do you believe in Nigeria _ Apostle Philip Cephas

I Still Believe In Nigeria The Country Of My Birth
I Will Stand With Nigeria The Country Of My Home.
I Will Pray And Intercede For Nigeria Until Its Destiny Is Born.
I Pledge To Nigeria My Country.
To Be Faithful, Loyal And Honest.
To Serve Nigeria With All My Strength
To Defend Her Unity And Uphold Her Honour And Glory
So Help Me God.

Nevertheless, if Nigeria is going to change, men must rise to change it.
There has never been a time in the history of the earth that angels govern a nation. The earth is under the jurisdiction of men, mortal men live by their daily decisions on the earth.
Nigeria will be great again, not just because it was prophesy but because true Leadership will be established again within our borders.
God may want a David but the people may want a Saul. In the day God want a David and the people decide a Saul they may have to live for a while under the leadership of Saul until mercy prevail for them.
May we never be under the yoke and the bondage of bad leadership as a people under God.

Arise Oh Compatriots, Nigeria Calls Obey. To Serve Our Father’s Land, With Love, And Strength And Faith.
The Labour Of Our Hero’s Pass Shall Never Be In Vain, To Serve With Heart And Mind. One Nation Bound In Freedom, Peace And Unity.
May God help us all.
Do You Believe in Nigeria?
_ Apostle Philip Cephas

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