Happy Birthday To My Mother _ Apostle Philip Cephas

Happy Birthday To My Mother _ Apostle Philip Cephas

You will be a fool to underestimate the power of a praying mother.
I am a product of the prayer of a woman and I am proud of it. She is my heroine. Thank you so much for praying for me and ensuring I am not wasted in this generation.
I have never trivialize your prayers, it has an effect beyond sight and time.
Your prayers and Intercession can go a long way in saving lives and the nation at large because I am a living prove of such.

The hope of a Nation are praying women and mothers, some of us are truly the products of mothers that can pray.
The story of my life, salvation, transformation and everything can never be complete without the labour of my mother.

More than ten years ago while I was still in the poll of iniquities smoking, drinking, sleeping around and doing all kinds of evil representing the kingdom of darkness as an Apostle to it fullness.

My mum Sussana Cephas Abaya was the only person on earth that believed she can’t give birth to a son for the devil to use.
She pray, fasted, sown seeds and took my name to every prayer house, Apostle, Prophet, teacher, pastor, evangelist and whosoever she believe can report me to God.

I saw her prayed for me tirelessly, day and night. She was not a perfect woman to say but she is a woman of faith and prayers. I saw faith, prayer, hope and believe from her first.

Somehow her prayers keep bringing me back to Christ gradually, i gave me life to Christ several times as well as came out for alters call more than ten times but keep going back, as there was never a working of the life of Christ within me.

In fact when Jesus Christ first appeared to me, He told me He came to answer the prayer of a weeping and a groaning woman. My mother never rested until I was converted. We initiated a covenant and had an agreement of which I keep visiting always, this has always sustain me in dying times of need.
She watched me as I journey from darkness into more of light, becoming more an epitome of the Christ.

Some years ago, she was plague with cancer of the ovaries, I watched my mum scream and cry daily as though God doesn’t exists, all faith and hope was lost, she was scheduled for an operation, then suddenly, I remembered the God of covenant, I insisted No operation will be done on my mother, if she die we die in faith. I keep on praying for her laying hands on her daily as she keep on crying and rolling on the floor because of the pain. It was not up to a month the cancer disappeared.
All the hospitals that scan her before had to scan her again and wondered what a miracle.

Her faith grew stronger from then, in fact if you tell my mum God or miracles are not real, she will humbly slap you and apologize later.
Today she is celebrating her 53 years birthday, I always miss my mum when am away for any itineraries, am a kind of mummy boy.
A mum like you is more priceless than the most beautiful diamond. You are not only strong and wise but kind, prayerful and thoughtful as well. Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to show you how much i care and how grateful to have you as my mother..
Wish you more years ahead.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM, i can’t love you less.
53 years no be beans oo
_ Apostle Philip Cephas
#Motherofsix #birthday
Much love
From your Son
———— Philip Cephas —–
Apostle Philip Cephas
Shekinah Network International
Philip Cephas

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