Happy Father’s Day || Apostle Philip Cephas


God Will Always Point You To Men Whom He Has Helped To Help You.
It Is Left To You To Be Humble And Discerning Enough To Learn At Every Season In Your Life.
Never Dishonor Or Disrespect Any Father. These Are Things Only Bastards And Vagabonds Do. No Wonder Their Lives Is Cut Short.
Walk In Honour With All Men But In Double Honour With Father’s If You Want To Last Long.
He Who Has A Father Will Never Insult Another Father.
Father’s Are The Reason Why We Are Not Weary.
We May Be Stronger And Even Believed We Are Wiser Than Them
But They Sure Lay The Foundation We Are Building Upon.
Fathers Are Not Men Without Errors And Mistakes But They Are Sure Custodians And Guidance Of Truths
The Gateway To Inheritance And Blessings In The Spirit Are Always Hidden, As A Cherish Treasure, It Will Take Desperate And Humble People Who Are Willing To Follow Until The End To Partake Of It
If You Follow Well In The Spirit, You Will Inherit The Blessings Of The Fathers.
If You Insult Them And Walk With Them In Dishonor You Will As Well Inherit A Curse Unto Death.
No matter how wise a son thinks he is, a father always have an experience to tell him about. RESPECT FATHERS.
May God help us all.
Much love
_ Apostle Philip Cephas

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