Happy New year by Apostle Philip Cephas from Shekinah

Welcome to 2022

In this New Year May you never be caught up in the wild goose chase for earthly gain at the expense of your divine ordination in God.

It is my prayer that in this New Year you will not be too busy chasing after vanities. Strive for eternal relevance and stop chasing after shadows in multiple vanities.

Be at peace with God walking in love daily as you seek to know Him more intimately this year. They have never stop producing new cars, building new houses and producing new phones. You can’t be living just following daily trend on the earth when you are not current with the trend in heaven.

Be warned! things lost on the earth can be recover with time But some seasons and times lost in the spirit may never be easily recover.
It is my prayer that in this New Year you will not be found chasing after shadows.

May God give us the strength to pursuit after eternal realities as we journey into life everlasting.
Amen and Amen.
Happy New Year Once Again.
Much Love
_  Apostle Philip Cephas

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