Join us for Shekinah The Ministry Of Intercession With Apostle Philip Cephas

An intercessor is one who desires earnestly to pray for others. Intercessors are one of the few ministers of the gospel of Christ that live long serving God because their pursuit is selfless and that always gladdens t he Father’s heart.

If you must remain anointed and survive the quagmire that befalls most ministers, then you better follow after the pattern of intercession. Intercession is simply the act of interceding; to intercede means to pray making peace for someone and standing in the gap for him.

Intercessors pray the burden of God, while prayer warriors pray their heart out to God. God always sustains intercessors because they live to carry His burden, when you carry the burden of God He will also take your own burden. When you make God’s desire your priority, He will make you His priority. The simple truth is that someone prayed for you to become born again. Some of us became born again because of the prayers of our mothers, friends and fathers. Those people that prayed for you to come into the fold are called intercessors because they stood and believed God for your salvation even when it looked impossible. You may have been deep in sin and cared less about them, but it was still a burden in their heart to pray for you until you found peace through salvation in Christ Jesus.

God Blessings To You Precious Saints, We welcome you again to another edition of SHEKINAH.
THEMED: “The Ministry of Intercession.”
MINISTERING: Apostle Philip Cephas
DATE: This Saturday, 17th of September, 2022
TIME: 5:00pm
VENUE: ERCC Church Auditorium Mararaba, Lafia, Nasarawa State.

If you are in and around LAFIA, Join us for another Moment of Encounter with God.

A man God helped is always better than a man that helped himself.
_ Apostle Philip Cephas
May God help us all.
Much love
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