Powerful Apostle Philip Cephas Vision of the last days

We came across This old vision Which Apostle Philip Cephas had many years ago, it may bless you.

I saw in a vision the birthing of a set of people coming out from human beings, these people are like beasts and a mighty spirit was coming forth from them to take charge of the territories of the earth and its system.
-These beasts are so powerful they come in their full power and two kings are their centre of excellency and from each they take order on how they should work and influence the earth, they don’t break their ranks and they had so much influence that they can’t be resisted.

  • when i saw them i was perplexed, then the spirit of the Lord spoke to me saying, We are in Bi-times, a time were the wine and the wine presser ought to be more careful, as the influences that seek to penetrate the earth realm is seeking partnership to gain influence and recognition as spiritual mixture and perversion is becoming more eminent, the beast is becoming more subtle than ever, longing for the soul of righteous men and women.
    -The season of men has come to an end and now is the time for gods and spirits that are beyond men to invade and infiltrate the earth, the transformation of men and women in light and darkness is coming to completion as conformation is finding establishment now. Many are unaware of the spirit influences upon them, but the conformation is evident in their lives as the fruits is speaking and it is undeniable.
    -The lord demand again a pure breed of sons and representatives upon the face of the earth. the era of humans without an influence is coming to an end, as no man on the earth will ever be neutral without an influence upon him, all people will be transform to a different kind of gods having a root connected to it distinguishing functional throne.
  • The spirit will be of two kind, i saw a spirit coming out of the workers of iniquities and the spirit gave them abilities to do more evil and propagate darkness advancing the frontier of its kingdom subtly and the other spirit came out of the faithful witness of Jesus Christ and these ones has the ability to do the will of God without limitation, these are the men that are from the beginning weak and feeble but now strong and powerful as a result of the empowerment and influence of the spirit upon them.
  • Upon this generation of new breed, is a birthing forth of another spirit of Samuel, its prophetic, its kingship and its priesthood that will find expression on the earth to manifest the Christ.
    -The lord is calling upon His faithful witnesses to watch out for satanic and demonic infiltration as well as spiritual encroachment, this will result to perversion and mixture if allow partnership. We will hold fast our confession of the Christ until the kingdom of these world become the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ reign in us and through us.
  • We will give ourselves no rest, until Yeshua come to take us home.
    -These was one of the vision and the burden of the Lord
  • communicated to me on 01/03/2013 to the church and its witnesses.
    -Let him that has an ear, hear what the Spirit has spoken. Amen.
    P.s:: I had to post this now, as I perceived the time of it fulfilment is at hand, it is closer than I thought it to be.
    Is time to pray now, join us at Shekinah The help of God with Apostle Philip Cephas
    Much love





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