Prayer Quotes And Extract From Apostle Philip Cephas At Shekinah lafia Nasarawa state

Quotes By Apostle Philip Cephas that would set your dead prayer altar alive again.

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1. The cure for Prayerlessness is Prayer

2. Dont waste too much time talking about Prayer, Pray by example.

3. It is very dangerous and risky to live a Prayerless  life.

4. Prayer is our place of advantage in God.

5. The greatest blessing God can bless you with is the spirit of Prayer. This will activate all other blessings.

6. Prayer is the cure for your much worries.

7. A man deprived of Prayer is deprived of blessings.

8. Any revelation that excuses Prayer is a time bomb on your head about to explode.

9. Any sermon that does not bring you to the place of Prayer, may not be effective in your life.

10. God can be limited by your Prayerlessness.

11. If we Pray more, God will do more for us.

12. If you can Pray enough, God will work enough for you.

13. Every great man is known first as a man of Prayer.

14. Prayer proceed before a manifestation.

15. You have to be willing to Pray, for God to help you Pray.

16. Favour is not just a wishful thinking, Prayer facilitate it.

17. When it comes to Prayer, God cant help an unwilling man.

18. If you cant turn your worries into Prayer, then you just worry in vain.

19. If you can Pray very well, you will have nothing to worry about.

20. Your life has never been a failure until you stop Praying.

21. Men of Prayer can turn an evil forest into a heavenly forest.

22. Prayer is an investment that guarantees a reward.

23. All human sickness and diseases are traceable to worries and anxiety. Let your worries and anxiety drive you to Pray.

24. The time of nothing is the time of process, when heaven is silent over your Prayer, it may be that something is been processed regarding you. Be patient!!!!.

25. Every promise of God has a time factor to it, Prayer facilitate that factor and the factor facilitates the promise.

26. Prayer was never designed to be an exercise in futility, although it can be, if done in the flesh.

27. Prayer takes you to the tribe in the spirit where your clan belong. In the clan you function like them in their ordination  and not necessary having their mantles.
In the spirit, there are diverse mantles, you journey into them by Prayers. Every possibilities you see men express lies in the spirit. The possibility in the Spirit are so vast beyond searching.

28. Prayer in itself is powerless except the heart posture is aligned through obedience. God may not measure the amount of Prayers, but the quality of the Prayer.

29. When you Pray, you employ God to work for you always.

30. The way God appear to you, is the same way He will appear to your generation.

31. Your Prayers is not complete until you Pray for your Pastors and Leaders.

32. Whatsoever ever thing you get by Prayer, it would require Prayer to sustain it.


Apostle Philip Cephas  is  a  seasoned  apostolic  and  prophetic teacher of the gospel of Truth. He  is  a  man  of  love,  wisdom, revelation  and  prayer.  He  is  centered  on  effective balancing  of  Kingdom  principles,  doctrine  and  revelations to  equip  the  Body  of  Christ  apostolically  and  prophetically into  its  full  manifestation  of  Christ.  His  love  for  the  Body  of Christ  is  endless.  This  drive  has  led  him  to  evangelize  and conduct  outreach  programs in  different  cities  and  villages  so as  to  reach  the  lost  souls  and  administer  the  gospel  of  Christ within  those  environments.  He  is  interested  in  raising  and mentoring  youths and adults in  prayer,  leadership,  influence, Relationship, Anointing and  investment.  He  is  also  a  prolific  writer.  He  has  authored many  books  such  as  The  prophetic  and  Vision,  Pathway  to The  Anointing, The vision of a great people, Roadmap  for  a  Weary  Sojourner  and  many others.  He  has  been  instrumental  in  the  revival  movement within  Nigeria.  He is  resident  in  Lafia,  Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

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A man God helped is always better than a man that helped himself.
_ Apostle Philip Cephas

God blessings
May God help us all
Much Love
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