Shekinah Network International Lafia Present Shekinah The Five Finger Of Greatness With Apostle Philip Cephas

Greatness is cheap if only you can be selfless enough. Forget about yourself and focus on Jesus. It Is not about you and It can never be about you. You are just a part of the variables. Every greatness is hidden, it takes God Himself to reveal it and discernment to see it from afar.

There has never been anyone that is great in this life without serving God and humanity. Service is greatness, and until you serve God diligently in obedience you can never be trusted by Him. Only them that have served can be serve in this kingdom.
We must Learn to walk with God being faithful in service else we will be lost in time in our pursuit for God.

We welcome you again to EXPERIENCE SHEKINAH, The Five Fingers Of Greatness With Apostle Philip Cephas On Saturday, 6th August, 2022 By 5:00pm at Ercc Church Auditorium Mararaba, Lafia, Nasarawa State.

If you are in and around LAFIA, Join us for another Moment of Encounter with God.

A man God helped is always better than a man that helped himself.
_ Apostle Philip Cephas
May God help us all.
Much love
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