Shekinah, The Night Of Thanksgiving With Apostle Philip Cephas

Without the help of God in our lives we will be under the mercy of the devil. Which is a sure pathway to failure and decadence.
As a people we must be thankful to God and appreciate the gift of life that He has committed unto us in this new year.
We will be ungrateful to God and to ourselves if we are not thankful in this season. As such We welcome you again to SHEKINAH, The Night Of Thanksgiving With Apostle Philip Cephas this Saturday 8th January, 2022 by 5:00pm at ERCC Church Auditorium Mararaba, LAFIA, NASARAWA STATE.

If you are within the environment, join in for another Moment of Encounter with God.

A man God helped is always better than a man that helped himself.
_ Apostle Philip Cephas
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May God help us all.
Much love

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  • Reply Terri B. Beaudry

    January 22, 2022, 2:44 pm

    Asking prayer for young Joel, to be saved and for him to be set free from ALL depression/anxiety/suicidal thoughts, for him to have GREAT HOPE and to find his PURPOSE. For him to know God intimately, to know he is special and he is LOVED by Jesus and to have life everlasting.

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