The Power Of Spiritual Process _ Apostle Philip Cephas

The Power Of Retreat _ Apostle Philip Cephas

Retreats Are Opportune Moment Upon Which We Maximize The Grace Of God Available For Us Within The Season To Pray, Study And Re-strategize As A People In Order To Become Better In Representing The Lord As Well As Align Ourselves To The Current Emphasis Of God Yielding To His Instructions In Obedient So We Can Advance Beyond The Limit Of Mortality And Our Current Disadvantages In The Flesh. As Such We Gather Before The Lord Upon The Mountain Top As A People Of Faith Seeking Grace To Help In Time Of Need. So Help Us God To Wait On You In An Unconventional Way Of Retreating, Help Us Also To Remain Consistent Serving You In This Day And Time.
For A Man And A People That Doesn’t See The Need To Retreat Might Not See The Need To Return Back To God For Spiritual Check Up And Heart Evaluation.

Most Times To Restrategize, You Must Have To Retreat And Recalled Yourselves Together In Order To Avoid The Pressure Of Surrendering Within The Process.
Retreating Is A Precursors And A Prerequisite For Refreshing And Spiritual Renewal In The Kingdom, No One Is Above Or Beyond The Capacity And The Essentiality To Undergo This Protocol.
Success Is Contentment, Commitment, Resilience, Dedication, And Discipline In Achieving Little Or Much And Leaving A Legacy!
When You Ignore Spiritual Constructions In Your Life, You Ignorantly Invite Destruction!

Nothing Worldwide Ever Happens In A Hurry. You Can’t Warm Your Hands By Burning Your Fingers!
Remain With God And In Him; Keep On Praying He Will Not Fail You.
If You Have To Retreat From The Distractions And The Pressures Of Life Do That Fast, It Is Better You Are Fresh And New In Wineskin Than Old And Stall Doing The Old Things You Know How To Do Best.
The Way God Appear To You May Be The Same Way He Will Appear To Your Generation. The Old Pathway Of Seeking God Through Separation, Consecration And Prayers Has Not Changed Yet.

Apostle Philip Cephas is the founder and the President of Shekinah Network International (SNI) a ministry located in Lafia, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.
SNI host a meeting tagged, SHEKINAH, where people come to have an Encounter With God’s Love, Power and Wisdom.

SHEKINAH is a monthly meeting put together by Shekinah Network International, SNI, under the leadership of God’s own Apostle Apostle Philip Cephas.
We meet by 5:30pm every first Saturday of the month at ERCC MARARABA, AKUNZA, LAFIA, NASARAWA STATE.
May the Lord bless you as you come to Encounter God with us.
Amen and AMEN.

For any inquiring call,  07060735310, +2349075600036 or email us at

——– Get Involve, Get Engage. The Master Calls Unto You—–

May God help us all
Much Love.
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