The School Of Prayer With Apostle Philip Cephas

Teaching on the School of Prayer By || Apostle Philip Cephas

Prayer is a culture and an act that is neglected in our days. Prayer is a system God established for the believers, for kingdom living and establishing the will of God. Prayer as an old system, is a pattern we cannot replace. The old testament people prayed, Jesus prayed, the apostles prayed and we should also follow that pattern of prayer.

Prayer among many, designed for a balance spiritual life, is needed for the believer to thrive. If a believer intents to grow spiritually, he needs the ingredients of prayer.

Prayer Grants Men Rankings in the kingdom. A man that prays,  joins the warriors God is raising. When a man begins to pray his disadvantage is changed into his direction. Prayer shifts men from the natural to the spiritual plane of operation. Spiritual alignment is a factor of understanding that is enforced by prayer. Prayer takes away your will and God’s will takes place.

Power is the end product of prayer.
What makes the word of men powerful is the decree of their strength in the place of prayer. We are born to pray, we survive by praying, we are sustained by praying and we would be maintained by prayer.

Why do you have to really pray?
Romans 8:26
[26]Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

In every believer’s life, no matter how anointed you are, God left infirmities in you so that you can engage the ministry of prayer. You have parts occupied by infirmities which are not yielded to God. so, prayer brings them under God’s authority. We submit them to God. Not every part of you is hundred percent yielded to God. There are few percents of you that are not yielded to God and those infirmity in the flesh can Cripple your Christian life. So a Christian should cry out to God concerning those infirmities.

The ministry of prayer is done by help. God needs to quicken us to pray. Prayer is not you praying, it’s God praying through you. prayer is done by the help of God. Prayer is not done by learning only the Bible, it’s also by engaging prayer itself. Without the help of the holy spirit, prayer becomes a flesh lead prayer. What makes prayer in the spirit is the holy spirit.

Most tendency of the flesh is taken away by prayer. Because, prayer brings purging and cleansing, then, obedience becomes our natural lifestyle in which we live daily. When you pray, God supplies himself to you so that he becomes your Holiness.

Many of us have inadequate understanding of what we should pray. that’s one of our infirmity. So we would need to come to God and start praying for our spirit to open up to the will of God that we may align ourselves with his will and pray according to his will.

There are two arms of God. The arm of wisdom and power. The arm of wisdom is in the reading of the word whilst power, is the end product of prayer. Prayer is the journey to power. We Journey into the realm of power by prayer. We bring the Arm of power through prayer. We become stronger in prayer.

Prayer helps you partner with God, prayer allows God to work through you, Prayer purges and cleanses you in order for God to use you for his kingdom works.

Men that pray access into light and revelation of the Scripture. What makes us have dominion and rule is by the light of the Scripture and we access light through prayer.

How do a believer pray?

You will need to have a heart prepared to pray, you will need to create a heart posture of prayer and then, enter into prayer. You will need to be responsible to be a person of prayer. Sit an hour praying, spend time praying. Prayer is kingdom responsibility.
Much love
May God help us all.
_ Apostle Philip Cephas

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