We welcome you to Shekinah The living witnesses With Apostle Philip Cephas

Our dwelling place is in Christ Jesus and Christ is hidden in God through His Spirit which grant unto us the privilege in time to remain in Him. We all must be delibrate about our relationship with the Holy Spirit that He may journey us into The Christ, from The Christ into God and God sustaining us in Himself forever.

We all desire to be were God is and if He is not in a place, then there is no need being there likewise. Daily we find ourselves being align to the witnesses of heaven as our heart and soul pants after the same direction. It is our desire to be clothed and hidden in the TRIUNE.

As such, We welcome you again to SHEKINAH, The Living Witnesses With Apostle Philip Cephas on Saturday 4th June, 2022 by 5:00pm at ERCC Church Auditorium Mararaba, LAFIA, NASARAWA STATE.

If you are within the environment, join in for another Moment of Encounter with God.

A man God helped is always better than a man that helped himself.
_ Apostle Philip Cephas
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May God help us all.
Much love

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