Who is the Messiah by Apostle Philip Cephas

Messiah is the revealing of God upon the face of the earth.
We are the sons of men but we are also the sons of God. We may be a product of men but we are also the offspring of God.

Before we are birthed by men we were actually birthed by God in the spirit. The nature of your immortality is the nature of God .

When a man begins to represents God effectively well he become like the Messiah.

Somehow mankind is limited, the strength upon mankind is hidden in the supply of the spirit of God. Every true Messiah have the supply of spirit and power.

Until the spirit of God is supply upon your life forget about being an effective believer, forget about being a Messiah. The spirit of God is the greatest personality in heaven and upon the face of the earth.

Power is an entity required for you to combat against every kind of darkness upon the Earth. God must supply spirit and power.
May God help us all
Much love
The rise of a new Messiah _ Apostle Philip Cephas

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